The Essence
the characteristic fundamentals of a
conceived object by breaking it down
to the very basic elements of
form, color and movement.
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"  Though abstracted to the very basic elements
of form and color,  Eveline Henner paintings still
reflect the real object, emphasizing the interplay
of light, color and movement. They give evidence
of an extraordinary talent of handling structural
shaping and color. The artist's way of abstracting
her impressions gained in nature, cities or har-
bors and transforming them into new structures is
E. Sch., Gallery, Zurich-City
" The most important in her painting is not only her
subtle work with colour, but also the rigid search for
an uncompromising way of composing the painting  
What is especially engaging in her pictures is the
clean line, the careful execution and the lively inter-
play of colours, whereby two dimensional elements  
develop into a composition of mosaic appearance.   
Transforming a perception into areas
dedicated to specific color tones is
one of the characteristic elements
of paintings classified as 'cubist'.

Whereas in art works attributable to
the 'Cubism',  as in it's so called
analytical period, the abstraction
predominantly goes along geometrical
forms,  Eveline Henner's abstraction
always follows the natural  and real
contours of an object well discernible.

Thus her style is referred to as a
'Natural Cubism' and also as a
'Cubist Realism', reflecting nature's
softness and civilisation's squareness,
a style very much her own.
Eveline Henner
Detail of
showing Eveline Henner's way of a
cubistic transformation.
Detail of
Showing Eveline Henner's way of
Abstraction to the basic elements of
Form and Color
This may recall the style of Picasso's and Braque's
Cubism and also Lionel Feininger's way to deal with
the questions of composition. The particular attrac-
tion of her pictures is the very personal synthesis of
her broad-spectral perceptiveness and her pronoun-
ced capability of shaping and structuring. "
H-P G., Art Historian, Zurich   
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Abstraction to the Basics
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